Federal Ministry of Education
(Bundesministerium für Bildung)

Das Haus am Minoritenplatz Foto: Manfred Burger

The Federal Ministry of Education (Bundesministerium für Bildung) is responsible for the Austrian school system. 

The Education division at a glance:

  • General education system (primary schools; new secondary schools; secondary schools; pre-vocational schools; secondary academic schools; educational institutions specialising in kindergarten and social pedagogy; special education facilities)
  • Technical and vocational education (vocational schools; mid-level and advanced schools and colleges for engineering, arts and crafts; schools and colleges for business and administration; mid-level and advanced schools and colleges for management and service industries, tourism, fashion and social professions; advanced schools and colleges for agriculture and forestry)
  • European and international cooperation in education
  • Adult education
  • Educational research and quality development
  • Matters concerning university colleges of teacher education
  • Diversity and language policy; political education; environmental, consumer and traffic education; school psychological services and guidance counselling; health promotion
  • School partnerships
  • Personnel matters concerning secondary academic schools, vocational training schools and administration staff
  • School management
  • Public service and salary law
  • Teacher controlling and school law
  • School maintenance
  • Teaching material and media education   

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